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Impact Through Education

Master of Educational Innovation


The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly a crisis, but also an opportunity to reflect and reinvent. This is certainly true for the World ORT network, that can take advantage of this juncture to elaborate on its educational mission.
As a member organization of the World ORT Network, and an institution of higher education, we believe that ORT University Mexico is positioned to be an important part of this renovation. By offering a Master of Educational Innovation Degree, that reflects some of the common principles of ORT, to our network’s teachers and educators around the world, we can help build a frame that will develop and refocus ORT as a whole.

The goal would be to adapt the accredited MA in Educational innovation that ORT University Mexico offers, with feedback from the Educational Advisory Committee, and offer it on-line at a global scale. The program tuition structure will be affordable to make it accessible to all ORT teachers around the world regardless of country of origin, and because of its constructivist model, will also serve as a platform for discussion and development of a World ORT basic pedagogical paradigm and principles.


The objective of the program would be to offer, starting in Fall 2020, an accredited Masters of Educational Innovation online to a number of ORT teachers and educators around the world. The MA program will be adapted to reflect some of the World ORT educational principles and practices. The goal would be to have a multinational group of 30-40 teachers participate in the program.

Classes and Schedule

The program will be fully online, with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. A two-hour synchronous session per week will be scheduled at 10:00 am Mexico City time (11:00 am New York, 4:00 pm London, 6:00 pm Israel time). The program will be taught using Google Meets and Google Classroom which will facilitate standardization. The classes will be given modularly, one course per month, four courses per semester for a total of four semesters.

Program Description

The ORT University Mexico Master of Educational Innovation will give the students the competencies to become systemic educators; to understand education as a central tool for positive transformation of society. They will be able to design and implement educational programs with a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating advances in pedagogical theory and educational technology, and consider the educational changes derived from a digital, globalized world. The program was developed based on the guidelines proposed by Linda Darling-Hammond
The program consists of 16 graduate courses, divided in four essential areas: Pedagogical Principles and Theories, Planning and Methodology, Student Development and Technology and Innovation:

1st Semester
  • Learning Theories
  • Research methods
  • History & Philosophy of Education
  • Technology and Education
2nd Semester
  • Educational Planning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Educational Innovation Lab I
3rd Semester
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Rights & Citizenship
  • Educational Innovation Lab II
4th Semester
  • Thesis Seminar
  • Constructivist Methodologies
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Educational Innovation Lab III
Reasons to study with us

We are an award winning institution accredited in Mexico with international recognition.

Most faculty have doctoral degrees and practical experienced in the educational and social sectors.

We are the only university specialized in the professionalization of the non-profit sector, committed to make higher education accessible to all.

Constructivist educational model based on authentic learning, critical thinking, use of technology and social awareness.

We are part of World ORT, one of the largest non-profit education organizations in the world.

We are a non-profit educational institution committed to tikkun olam the transformation of the world through education.


The ORT University Mexico Master of Educational innovation has world-wide accreditation. It is recognized by the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), which issued a Reconocimiento de Validez official de Estudios or recognition of official validity of studies, in 2015 (RVOE No. 20170216).

According to World Education Services (WES), the leading international organization in higher education credential evaluation, in order to be awarded a RVOE and therefore have international recognition, higher education institutions must “have adequate facilities and teaching staff, submit a self-assessment, and get approval of their study programs from the federal Comisión Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación Superior“ or National Commission for the Evaluation of Higher Education.

In addition, the program was designed to follow the U.S. teacher education standards.